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Hello! I am Charlie. I live in Birmingham, UK & work full time as a boring salaryman. I live with my cat (Stinky Kitten) and my fiancé Damien (@1000014). I've been cosplaying since 2003. I thought it'd be useful to make this as a "where to find me" and add in some future cosplans!

Most active on twitter and mostly tweet about→・food・travel・cats・v系・video games・devil may cry・resident evil・the evil within・final fantasy・dragon age・deus ex・yakuza/龍が如く


Costume plans/cosplays wanting to do in the future. If you want to do groups please let me know! Usually do cosplay-duo/pair-cosplay with my OH but we love cosplay groups too.

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  • Kokorocon 2022

  • Kitacon 2022

  • AmeChibi 2022